Features / Managing Products & Services
Product & Service Management Module

We provide an industry leading Reseller Automation platform that allows you, your Reseller network and your Customers to manage all our Products and Services from your own Control Panels. You and your Resellers can choose to -

  • Use our ready-made, private-labeled, customizable Control Panels
  • Build your own Control Panels integrated into our powerful API to manage any/all Products and Services

Detailed Management Features (for you, your Resellers and Customers)

General Features
  • Upgrade/Downgrade/Modify/Renew/Delete and much more from a single interface - The Control Panels & API allow managing all orders from a single interface. This includes all domain names under various TLDs, Web/Mail Hosting, DNS, Live Chat etc. Customers/Resellers have to login to one single interface to manage everything such as modifications, upgrades, settings etc. Your Customers and your Resellers Customers do not have to remember multiple URLs, usernames and passwords.

    Our System (OrderBox) also handles automatic creation of invoices for any modification that requires a payment from your Customers/Resellers. OrderBox has a comprehensive Finance and Billing Automation module that manages online invoicing, payment collection, payment gateway integration and much more.
  • Single point Renewal Management with an automated renewal reminder system - You, your Customers and your Resellers can generate reports of expiring orders based on various criteria and renew all of them at one go. Additionally the system sends out reports to you and branded emails to your Customers notifying them well in advance about expiring orders
  • Move Orders across Customers/Resellers - You and your Customers/Resellers can move any order or package to any other Customer/Reseller account
  • Locking/Suspension of services for security or payment recovery - You, your Resellers and Customers have the ability to lock or suspend services of any service in order to prevent fraudulent transfers or modifications, or in order to recover payments
  • Access complete history of all modifications performed - You, your Resellers and Customers can view, for each order, the complete history of all modifications performed on that package, alongwith the date/time, as well as the status of that modification. Your support staff and your customers can now track back any particular modification and find out when it was requested and performed.
  • Determine the status of any Order - You, your Resellers and Customers can determine the current status of any order which is processing. For instance if a domain name transfer request is placed and is likely to take 5 days, you can track at any given point in time what the current status of the transfer is.
  • Create Invoices/Check Payment history and status for any Order - You and your Resellers can create an invoice and link it to an Order. You can check the entire payment history of an order and the status of any pending payments

Over and above these, our system provides specific management functions for various different Products through various Control Panels and through the API. Our system also handles various management tasks automatically in the background. All of these are enumerated below -

Domain Name Management Features
  • Manage Name Servers
  • Manage Child Name servers (Host Records) associated with a domain name
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock domain names
  • Bulk Modify/Lock/Suspend Domain Names
  • Bulk Modify Domain name associated Contact information
  • Specify default contact information or nameservers to be used for all new Domain Names
  • Brand your Whois output - You and your Resellers get a Dedicated completely brandable Whois page and Whois server so that your brand identity is displayed no matter where the whois request is performed from.
  • Apply for the Restoration of a deleted domain name which is processed automatically
  • Additionally if you are an Accredited Registrar for gTLDs, you can manually approve or cancel Domain Transfer requests

Our System automatically handles the following tasks in the background -

  • gTLD Domain Transfer Processing - Our System automatically parses the Whois output of every Registrar and extracts the Administrative contact email address of a domain name to send out emails for requesting transfer approvals.

Web and Email Hosting Management Features
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock Hosting Packages
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting packages - Change the allocated diskspace, bandwidth and any other parameter anytime
  • List/Add/Modify/Delete A/MX/CNAME/NS/SOA records
  • View Name server information

Our system automatically handles the following tasks in the background

  • Bandwidth usage monitoring - Our system automatically computes bandwidth utilization of every hosting package and sends out warning emails when the usage reaches certain threshold levels.
  • Bandwidth Overage calculation and billing - If your Customer utilizes greater bandwidth than what he had originally purchased, our system automatically calculates the overage and raises appropriate invoices for the same

Website Builder and Live Chat Management Features
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock the Package
  • Upgrade/Downgrade packages - Change various parameters such as number of pages, number of operators etc anytime

Domain Forwarding Management Features
  • Specify Domain Forwarding destination
  • Specify URL Masking preferences including <HEAD> and <NOFRAMES> tag content
  • Specify wild carded sub-domain forwarding preferences
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock the service

Mail Forwarding Management Features
  • Create multiple Mail forwards, each with multiple destinations
  • Specify wild carded mail forwarding preferences
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock the service

Managed DNS Management Features
  • List/Add/Modify/Delete A/MX/CNAME/NS/SOA records
  • Renew/Delete/Suspend/Unsuspend/Lock/Unlock the service